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Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
5:45 PM

Well the dust has finally settled from Christmas and New Years! I'm going to do more a photo post - just to show you all the gifts I made this year. Above is an ornament that I put the invitation to a friends wedding inside. And for the box it came in, I embroidered their names on it (I made a few other ornaments as well). I think this was the most fun. I want to embroider everything now!

I also played around a bit with photoshop and printed out a few pictures for them.

For quite a few of my gifts (9!!) I made an initial mug and then put together a mix of peppermint hot cocoa to put inside. I made the mug using a ceramic paint pen, which heat sets so it's dishwasher safe! I could have easily bought the initial mugs for $6 at Anthropologie, but this ended up being not only cheaper, but a bit more meaningful (I hope!).

And last but not least, I made a pair of comic shoes for my friend Natalie's birthday. I put about a million lbs of mod podge on these suckers! Hopefully it survives the Seattle weather. This was the hardest gift for me to keep secret. I'm pretty sure I finished these just after Thanksgiving!

I don't think I made as many gifts as last year, but I'm still happy I was able to make a good portion of them this year. 


Saturday, December 17th, 2011
9:10 AM

Ever since my first try and then my second try at cake balls I've been bugged every single day at work as to when i was going to bring more in. Well, I finally caved last week and I made some winter cake balls for my friends at work.  This time I used gingerbread cake and vanilla frosting. I also found the most amazing sprinkles at the discount grocery store around the corner. Pictured above are the mini snow flakes, they also had mini gingerbread men, mini trees and mini candy canes. All of those types will make an appearance at the annual cookie-day at my Grandmother's this year.

I packaged a few up separately for someone that I've worked with pretty closely, and has helped me a bunch this past year.

I'll be packaging a lot of my presents this way - I guess this year is a kraft paper kinda year. I was able to print the labels for free from Sass and Peril.

Thursday, December 01st, 2011
6:20 PM

Merry Christmas!! Yeah, I know it's only December 1rst - but I am totally getting into the spirit! Today I threw on the Christmas tunes, and decorated a bit.

Since our apartment is smaller than small, I knew I couldn't really get crazy and get a tree. Also- I still am not happy with how we have things organized, so decorating shelves is not an option. In comes, post-it tree with ornaments!

I really love this  holiday, and I'm so happy its here! I wont be able to share anything I'm working on this month until after the holidays, but expect a lot of posts! I'm making the majority of my gifts again this year. I'm actually 75% done with my homemade gifts!

And now, I want to share with you a weird tradition my family has. We listen to the "Dead Cat Song". One year, my mom bought this pretty awesome Christmas album (the mp3s are not the songs on the CD), mainly for the rendition of God Rest Ye Gentlemen from the Barenaked Ladies- yeah it was a while ago. We popped it in as we were opening presents and just let it play in the background. Before we knew it - the Cat Carol was playing, and we all went silent and listened to this song about a cat and a mouse, and sorry to ruin it for you - but the cat dies. All of us were pretty confused. I'm really not sure how this made it onto an album for Christmas, when there are so many other more normal choices. But now, it doesn't feel like Christmas until I hear this song. Here it is - for you to "enjoy".

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